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Wrongful discharge claims continue to be filed at an alarming rate. JGL’s Maryland and Washington, DC employment lawyers are well aware that these lawsuits cause tremendous strain for employees who have been wrongfully terminated. Our goal is to reduce this stress and obtain relief for you.

Understanding Maryland’s At-Will Termination Laws

Maryland is an “at the will” employment state. This means that in the absence of a contract to the contrary, agreement or policy to the contrary, an employee may be hired or fired for almost any reason – whether fair or not – or for no reason at all.

What is Classified as Wrongful Termination in Maryland?

If an employer were to terminate an employee for engaging in actions that are protected by law, or if it would be contrary to public policy – that is a wrongful termination.

JGL’s Maryland and Washington, DC employment lawyers are well aware that wrongful discharge claims continue to be filed at a significant rate. These lawsuits represent tremendous stress for employees. JGL attorneys work with you to determine what, if any, evidence there is to support the allegations of wrongful termination, and your chances of a favorable outcome. Experience is everything in prosecuting wrongful termination litigation. We bring the skills and experience you need to resolve all types of wrongful termination claims, including:

  • Violation of public policy
  • Discrimination
  • Negligent hiring
  • Breach of contract
  • Infliction of emotional distress
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Fraud
  • Defamation
  • False Imprisonment
  • Retaliation

Why Work with a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Working with an experienced wrongful termination attorney to file your initial claim will help lay appropriate groundwork for any lawsuit that may become necessary. With decades of experience in wrongful termination, the employment lawyers at JGL are poised to effectively move your claim forward.

Work with an Experienced Maryland Wrongful Termination Lawyer

What matters to you, matters to us. For more than half a century, JGL attorneys have fought to improve the future of families, the arc of careers, the success of businesses, and your most basic human rights. The attorneys of JGL take your business, family, and personal issues as personally as you. Should you wish to discuss your wrongful termination matter, please contact a JGL employment lawyer.

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