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What to Consider Before Agreeing to the Noncompete Terms in Your Employment Contract

Joseph, Greenwald & Laake’s, Jay Holland recently discussed noncompete clauses with Family Practice News. When reviewing employment contract language, Holland stresses the importance of understanding your state’s employment laws, since noncompete rules vary widely from state to state. 

Physicians should consider their, “career and lifestyle goals carefully prior to entering into a noncompete. The first approach should always be an attempt to exclude the noncompete from your prospective agreement if you are joining a practice. If a noncompete is unavoidable, then strive to make it the least onerous possible.” 

In general, he recommends that “noncompete clauses should be no greater in scope than is necessary to protect the business or goodwill of the employer.”

For more information on employment contracts or noncompete clauses, contact Jay Holland at or 240-553-1198.

The full article can be found at Family Practice News – Noncompete clauses: Be wary, negotiate early.


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