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In and out of wedlock, child support laws require parents to support his/her child(ren) whether he/she has custody of them or not. JGL child support lawyers know this terrain all too well. We advise on all aspects of your Maryland child custody and support matters.

We leverage your legal rights and analyze current financial circumstances in formulating the financial support and maintenance required for the child(ren) inside or outside the home. Our experience includes:

  • Application of the state child support guidelines
  • Exceptions and modifications to the state child support guidelines
  • Child support modifications
  • Extracurricular activities not mandated under the law
  • The interplay between child custody, access, visitation and support

How Child Support is Determined in Maryland

Maryland uses a formula to calculate child support, which is called the Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines are usually implemented unless one of the parties can show that the guidelines are not appropriate in this particular situation. Many factors are considered, including the age, health and income of each parent, parental assets and then they estimate the percentage of income that would be spent on children if the family were together.

Enforcing Child Support

If child support is not paid, you can contact the Child Support Enforcement Agency at 800-332-6347, or you can contact your divorce attorney or any other family law practitioner to explore other methods of correcting the situation.

Making Child Support Modifications

When circumstances change, whether it is income related, or related to the needs of a child, a petition for a modification for child support can be filed. JGL family lawyers have five decades of experience in handling just such matters.

The Importance of Determining Child Support Through Family Court

It is extremely important that your child support orders and related matters be determined in family court with a trusted child support lawyer. The child support lawyers of JGL are equipped to assist and guide you through this process efficiently.

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What matters to you, matters to us. For over five decades, JGL attorneys have fought to improve the future of families, the arc of careers, the success of business, and your most basic human rights. The attorneys of JGL take your business, family, and personal issues as personally as you do. We relentlessly pursue the outcomes you desire. If you need guidance from a Maryland Child Support attorney, contact JGL.

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