Family Law Mediation in Maryland

JGL’s family law mediation and collaborative divorce attorneys are dedicated to saving you time, resources, and additional stress.

Our family law mediation and collaborative divorce attorneys believe strongly that in every case the options of family law mediation and sometimes collaborative divorce should be considered processes that can provide more in terms of healing and set the tone for separating parents to collaborate on the issue that they agree matters the most: their child(ren)’s welfare. Litigation and trial magnify conflict while mediation seeks out win-win opportunities. In mediation, we bring distinct advantages to settlement negotiations, including:

  • Planning/crafting decisions that safeguard marital monetary assets from state/federal tax authorities
  • Ensuring you maintain control over your own and your children’s future rather than giving that power to a judge
  • Realizing an agreed-upon, customized child custody, visitation, and child support arrangement where both parties are more invested

What is Mediation?

Family Law Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process designed to minimize conflict and stress, while offering an environment where logical discussions can be led by an objective and pragmatic family law mediator. JGL Family Lawyers all have significant mediation experience. Usually, there are many mediation sessions to enable satisfactory solutions for each and every issue involved.

When is Mediation Most Useful?

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process that can assist spouses prepare for the best future possible after the divorce. Family Law Mediation is most successful where the divorcing parties are simply interested in terminating the marriage with as little conflict as possible relating to child custody and support, division of assets, and allocation of spousal support and future pensions should it be appropriate. Mediation is definitely not recommended when there are allegations of physical abuse within the relationship.

Benefits of Mediation for Family Law Matters

Mediation is less costly and usually quicker than a traditional divorce that goes to trial in Circuit Court. The mediator will first establish common ground and then work toward facilitating agreement. However, if you cannot agree, no one can force you to compromise. If necessary and you cease mediation and return to court, nothing said during mediation can be used in court.

Our Firm’s Approach to Mediation

JGL Family Lawyers believe that the divorcing parties are best able to fairly distribute assets and maintain control over their own lives developing their separate futures themselves, which is the goal of mediation. Not all divorces can be handled through mediation, and when it is obvious that agreement is not forthcoming, our attorneys can easily take your matter to trial – no matter how complicated or contentious.

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