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A high-net-worth divorce is almost never simple or straightforward. The division of wealth can include high-value financial assets, including stocks/securities, real estate, business ownership, retirement accounts, inheritance, domestic/overseas investments, debts/liabilities, primary/other home equity, and cash. Whether you are a wage earner or dependent spouse, JGL’s high-asset divorce attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure you a fair and just outcome.

We provide veteran skills and consistently achieve favorable results for high-level executives, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, high-status individuals, and their spouses. We understand your desire to keep your private life away from the public eye. Perhaps you and your spouse come to us with an understanding of how your property should be divided. Our goal is to ensure you cover all the details to move forward with your life.

What Distinguishes High Asset Divorces

If you and your spouse own a business or multiple real estate investments, or have stocks and bonds and annuities, and have retirement funds and pensions, you need an attorney who can find and protect all of the assets, and preserve them during the pendency of the divorce process. It is also possible that there are accounts and other assets of which you are unaware, uncovering hidden assets is often integral to obtaining a fair settlement.

Coordinating with Valuation Professionals

It is likely that you will need various appraisers or valuation professionals, accountants and other professionals to gather all the necessary information for your attorney to advise you wisely. JGL attorneys work with the very best experts Maryland has to offer.

Protecting Your Assets

Any assets you and your spouse own, regardless of whose name they are in, need to be protected from sale during the divorce until they are appropriately appraised and valued. One of our high asset divorce attorneys can expedite the process and hold your assets safely during the process of a high-asset divorce.

Issues You May Encounter in a High Asset Divorce

Stocks, real estate investments, business ownership and retirement funds may make a high asset divorce extraordinarily complicated. Whether you are a wage earner or dependent spouse in a high asset marriage, it is very important for you to talk to a lawyer who is prepared to work hard to protect your rights and your assets. In some instances your spouse may be intentionally hiding assets, and an experienced High Asset Divorce attorney can prevent that from impacting your settlement.

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What matters to you, matters to us. For over five decades, JGL attorneys have fought to improve the future of families, the arc of careers, the success of business, and your most basic human rights. The attorneys of JGL take your business, family, and personal issues as personally as you do. We relentlessly pursue the outcomes you desire. If you need guidance from a Maryland high asset divorce attorney, contact JGL.

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