On April 10, 2024 JGL Principal Drew LaFramboise filed a civil rights case on behalf of the Estate of Gordon Casey against The United States of America, the U.S. Secret Service, and individual U.S. Secret Service employees and officers.

The lawsuit alleges that Gordon Casey, age 19, was shot to death on April 20, 2022, by officers of the U.S. Secret Service in the backyard of the Peruvian Ambassador’s residence in Northwest Washington, DC. Mr. Casey was unarmed and holding only a decorative “Tiki Torch” when he was shot to death. The complaint, which you can read here, alleges violations of Mr. Casey’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, as well as assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, negligent training and supervision, and wrongful death.

View the complaint here (PDF)

With Spring around the corner, families across Maryland are eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring break. For many, it’s a time to unwind, explore new horizons, and create cherished memories with family. However, for divorced families, navigating spring break can present unique challenges and considerations. As a Maryland family law attorney, I understand the complexities that can arise during this time and offer some valuable insights to ensure a smooth and enjoyable spring break for all involved.

Plan Ahead, Communicate, and Collaborate

The key to a successful spring break for divorced families lies in effective communication and planning. Start the conversation early with your co-parent to discuss spring break plans, including travel arrangements, schedules, and any concerns or preferences. Collaborate on creating a detailed itinerary that accommodates both parents’ schedules and allows for quality time with the children. This is the best opportunity to understand expectations and resolve differences related to those expectations.

Be Flexible and Accommodating

Flexibility is paramount when co-parenting, especially during holidays and special occasions like spring break. Unexpected changes may arise and so your willingness to adapt plans accordingly is important to foster co-parenting. Keep an open mind and prioritize the best interests of your children, even if it means making compromises along the way.

Consider Alternating Years or Splitting the Break

If feasible and depending upon your agreement, consider alternating spring break plans each year or splitting the break between both parents. This allows children to spend meaningful time with each parent and fosters a sense of balance and fairness. Work together to establish a schedule that works for everyone involved, taking into account travel time and other logistical factors.

Focus on Creating Positive Experiences

Regardless of the circumstances, prioritize creating positive experiences and lasting memories for your children during spring break. Embrace the opportunity to bond as a family, explore new destinations, and engage in meaningful activities together. Keep communication channels open with your children and the co-parent to facilitate a smooth break.

Ensure Compliance with Court Orders and Custody Agreements

Before discussing any spring break plans, review your court orders and custody agreements to ensure you understand the terms and that your plans will be in compliance with legal requirements. Adhering to these agreements is essential to avoid potential conflicts or legal repercussions down the line. If modifications are necessary, seek guidance from a qualified family law attorney to navigate the process smoothly.

Seek Professional Guidance if Needed

If you encounter significant challenges or disagreements with your co-parent regarding spring break plans, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance from a Maryland family law attorney. Experienced legal counsel can provide valuable advice, mediation services, and representation to help resolve conflicts and ensure your rights are protected.

Spring break can be a joyful and enriching time for divorced families with proper planning, communication, and cooperation. By prioritizing the well-being of your children and approaching the break with a spirit of collaboration, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

Timothy OBrien has been selected by The Daily Record as one of Maryland’s Power Players for Estate & Trusts Law.

JGL Principal, Jeffrey Greenblatt, is featured on the cover of The Daily Record Maryland Family Law Update.

Read his cover story here.

JGL Principals Matthew Bryant, Timothy O’Brien and Reed Spellman scored an important victory in the Appellate Court of Maryland on February 28, 2024. The court adopted the concept of “equitable adoption” which allows a child to inherit where the parent treated the child as their own but never actually adopted. This major case will be cited across the country, and is similar to a previous JGL victory several years ago, where the court held for the first time that inequitable conduct by a spouse in procuring a marriage can cause them to be disinherited.

View the decision here (PDF)

Former JGL Attorney Levi Zaslow has been appointed to the Baltimore City Court by Governor Wes Moore.

Click here to read the article featured in The Daily Report (PDF).

HB 419 is designed to enhance employee rights and consumer rights.

You can read the full testimony here.

Chris Castellano was invited to speak on The Divorce Hour (Digital Radio Talk show) hosted by Ilyssa Panitz on Saturday, February 10th. Chris discussed the role AI is starting to play in Divorce actions.

Chris Castellano was invited to speak on The Divorce Hour (Digital Radio Talk show) hosted by Ilyssa Panitz on Saturday, February 10th. Chris discussed the role AI is starting to play in Divorce actions.

Listen to the recording here!

JGL Law was featured on Law.com’s latest article entitled “DC-Area Walmart Stores Accused of Mispricing Items, Charging More at Check Out in Class Action Lawsuit.” Joseph Greenwald & Laake and Dworken & Bernstein filed this suit in the District of Columbia Superior Court on behalf of Christina Rector. The JGL attorneys who represented Ms. Rector were Drew LaFramboise and Veronica Nannis.

Read the full article (PDF)

JGL Principal Erika Jacobson-White has been elevated to 2024 Board President for the First Shift Justice Project, which is a nonprofit organization that helps working parents assert their workplace rights to prevent job loss.

The organization services the  DC, Maryland, and Virginia communities.  Erika has served as a board member since 2020 when she began as Secretary of the Board. In 2023 Erika served as Board Vice-President.

Yesterday, a class action complaint was filed in DC Superior Court against Walmart Inc. alleging that by advertising and offering goods without the intent to sell them as offered in their Washington, DC, stores, Walmart violated the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act (CPPA) (DC Code § 28-3905).

Under the DC CPPA, consumers harmed by unlawful trade practicesmay sue for damages and may be awarded statutory damages of $1,500 per violation. The case was filed on behalf of class member Christina Rector, who is represented by Drew LaFramboise and Veronica Nannis of Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, and Nicole Fiorelli, Frank Bartela, Patrick Perotti and Shmuel Kleinman of Dworken & Bernstein.

“Shoppers rely on price information when making purchasing decisions and have virtually no ability to look across pricing patterns to see statutory violations,” said consumer fraud attorney Drew LaFramboise of Joseph Greenwald & Laake. “We want to ensure that the DC Consumer Protection Procedures Act guards purchasers against these unfair and deceptive trade practices.”

To learn more about this latest class action against Walmart, click here to read more.