Maryland and Washington, D.C., Attorneys Handling Alimony Settlements (Spousal Support)

In a world where women and men often have similar opportunities to make a living, the notion of alimony (spousal support) may seem outdated. In fact, when one spouse has been financially dependent on the other through the course of a marriage, family law courts often order an equitable divorce settlement that includes some spousal maintenance for that dependent wife or husband. This is most often true when a long-term marriage of ten years or more is breaking up.

Discuss your Maryland or Washington D.C., high asset divorce with an experienced lawyer from the law offices of Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, P.A. Allow us to advise you on what to expect when you take your divorce settlement agreement to court. We are most likely to recommend that you reach a settlement agreement with your wife or husband through collaborative law methods such as divorce mediation.

We are prepared to act as mediators or to represent our clients in mediation as aspects of a marital dissolution settlement are hammered out. Depending on the circumstances of your marriage, it may be appropriate to include rehabilitative alimony for a period of time that will allow the dependent spouse (you or your husband or wife) to get education, training or work experience before being expected to enter the workforce competitively.

Besides alimony, you will need to answer questions such as who will pay for health insurance for the dependent spouse once he or she is no longer included on a family plan provided through an employer. If you are going to pay alimony for your wife or husband, you may also be expected to pay for COBRA health insurance premiums as specified by law. As our lawyers about this and other aspects of a complex divorce involving a dependent spouse and a wage-earning one. Call or e-mail a lawyer at Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, P.A. to schedule a frank discussion of your situation with an eye to protecting your rights.

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